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Monday so far

I went to bed a bit after 2:00 a.m. and woke around 10:30 a.m., which wasn't great, but was okay.

I went out to see the snowdrops.  None really look fully open, though some are partly open.  I went farther out to see the winter honeysuckle, which is in bud, but isn't blooming yet.  It wasn't as cold as it has been some days this winter, but it still felt cold to me.

People who have seen the movie Moulin Rouge are very excited that Kurt and Blaine do a song from it.  I got the song on iTunes.  I don't know the context in the movie except for what I've seen people say, and haven't seen it in context in Glee yet, but I think it's a pretty song.

Later: I went on a couple of errands, including going to the grocery store.  Mostly I've been online or reading.

I listened to the Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast on recurring characters.  It was pretty good.  They've got a system now of showing who's talking, and that helps me.  The discussion hit on some favorite characters of the participants.  It seemed everyone wanted to see more of Dottie Kazatori.  They didn't say the theory that some have that she reflects Blaine.  I believe Jacq put it as "a tiny, bowtied Asian, or two of them."  I'll look it up.  The partcipants discussed Marley, Jake and Ryder while thinking they shouldn't.  Those characters are technically recurring characters, so it was within the parameters they'd set up.

Becky Jackson was another character they really liked.  The participants discussed how Becky really isn't nice, and that they enjoyed that.  They mentioned Unique a few times, but one or two misgendered her, and someone called her a "boy/girl."  They briefly brought up Dave Karofsky, and how his role had grown, but didn't really follow up on that.  Karofsky was part of Kurt's storyline.  Blaine was, too, but Blaine's become an individual character this year.  The participants actually could have talked about how Blaine was a recurring character who became a regular character.

They talked about Sam, and how he was introduced and tied in with other characters.  The seniors this year are pretty separate from the sophomores and juniors, they said, which I'd heard before.  I had really hoped that Blaine would interact more with Unique, because he'd get it more than other characters.  He saw her as a challenger for the new Rachel title, and then they haven't really interacted.  The Marley and Unique friendship is the Marley-related story I find most interesting.

There's some interest in Unique on AfterElton, but it's not like the interest in Kurt and Blaine.  I didn't see the first season of the Glee Project, which I think might have given me a better idea of what Alex Newell is like, or how they presented him, anyway.  AE did an interview with him which didn't get many comments.  I haven't heard of many openly gay Black actors -- not to say there aren't a number of them, but I think AE would have them in its news if they were well-known.  I think part of the lesser reaction is because Newell is playing a trans girl, and there's also possibly some racism from some AE readers as far as who they think is cute.  Or colorism, anyway.  Talking about colorism would make for an interesting discussion.

There's little mention of Jake on AE, but I think Jake is cute.  I think he's more cute than Puck, and there's really a family resemblance, especially in facial features.  And that's who I choose to compare Jake to.  I think Unique is cute when she gets to dress as she wants to, especially when she gets to be glamorous.  She looks so young when she has to wear boy clothes.  Her personality is usually much more subdued, too.

As far as plot goes, I think Unique is going to have it rougher when Will comes back to teach than she had it with Finn.  At least she explained things to Finn, but Will really doesn't get it, and he has more power than Finn.  Unique hasn't had a lot of plot in recent episodes, if she's even been in the episodes.  But she's considered one of the girls, although Tina said a couple of nasty things to her in "Diva."  I'm waiting to see how it goes with Will.
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