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Friday so far

I went to sleep around 2:00 a.m. and slept until 10:00 a.m., so at least I got a decent night's sleep.  I woke up feeling pretty good.

I read Charlie Cochrane's Promises Made Under Fire.  That was published fairly recently.  I had pre-ordered it.  It came out on Monday, Charlie posted about it on Tuesday, and I downloaded it on Wednesday.  I thought it was good.

I got books I'd ordered in the mail.  I'd ordered the audio version of The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, Pamela Morsi's The Lovesick Cure, and The Lost Night by Jayne Castle.  The Lovesick Cure was a used copy.  It was rated "very good," but the cover and first dozen pages or so are bent.  The other books I'd gotten new.

Mom and I went shopping, and listened to The Land of Stories during the drive to and from the shopping area and the drives between stores.  We heard through the prologue and first two chapters.  We listened to the third chapter when we got home.  I'd already read the book, so I knew what happened.  Mom is becoming very familiar with Chris Colfer's speaking voice.  She already knows his singing voice from my Glee CDs.  He's doing different voices for all the characters.  I have yet to hear any particularly low-pitched voices, but so far most of the characters have been women and children.  Mom thinks it's a woman singing when she hears his singing voice.  I saw episodes of the show before I got any of the music, so I had visuals of a boy singing.

It's very different hearing the book than it is reading it.  The emotions are there to hear.  I'm looking forward to hearing more of the story.

For our shopping, first we went to Wal-Mart.  I didn't do any exciting shopping, but I have enough soap to last me for a while, and I'm sure the people around me will be happy about that.  I thought about going to electronics, but with electronics I have more fun shopping by myself.  We went to the usual grocery store.  We passed P. on her way out.  She works 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Among other things, I got sushi, cut up pieces of melon, and bread pudding.  Not that the pudding is good for me, but it's tasty.  I had some of each of those foods when we got home.

A Phillies spring training baseball game started at 4:00 p.m.  Mom and Dad are watching that.  Spring training games started a few days ago, and the baseball-watching here will go on through as far as the Phillies get.  Somewhere along the line I got out of the habit of watching sports.  When I was a child I was a big baseball fan, and my brother got me into watching hockey for a few years.  I watched the season that the Avs won the Stanley Cup, with Ray Bourque on the team for his last year playing.  I watched a couple seasons after that, and then there was a strike.  I didn't get back into the habit of watching hockey.

Later: Now I'm blogging about listening to The Land of Stories.  Mom and I listened through the second disc, which ended up with a mild cliffhanger.  I was reading along in the print book.  Mom missed the "Lucy and Mr. Tumnus moment" reference.  I tried to rewind so she could hear it again, and rewound to several tracks earlier.  I had trouble fast-forwarding back.  I'm really not good at working the downstairs DVD/CD player.  "You're reading along, just show me what it was," Mom said.

"Lucy and Mr. Tumnus," I said.  Mom didn't know who they were.  "Haven't you read the Chronicles of Narnia?"


I couldn't believe it.  Mom had been a children's librarian.  I'd read the Chronicles of Narnia twice or three times through.  I'm curious to hear more of the characters' voices.  Froggy almost has an English accent.  I'd thought his voice might be deeper, but it's not.  It's close to the usual pitch, at least as far as I could tell.  Mom said the usual pitch sounded like a woman was speaking.  I'm wondering if there will be a character with a deep voice.  I'll mention it if there is.

I'm still enjoying hearing the characters' emotions.  It's really good voice acting.

At this point in the story, Connor is currently being the voice of reason.  Alex is about to get into trouble.  The second disc ends a little way into chapter six, on page 111.
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