neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Wednesday so far

I tried to go to sleep a little after one a.m. and couldn't sleep.  I think I finally fell asleep at three-something.  I woke at eleven a.m.  I wasn't feeling too good.  It's the second time in a few days I've woken up with a sore throat, but it's gone away as the day goes on.

I made it to an appointment and went to the grocery store.

I looked around outside.  Some of the snowdrops are opening up.  I went well back into the backyard.  The winter honeysuckle is in bud.  The yellow-berried holly still has a few berries.  In the "crocus garden," by the driveway in front, the leaves of the miniature daffodils and crocuses are coming up.  The leaves of the colchicum should be up soon, but that has leaves in the spring and flowers in the fall.

I finally sat under the sunlight-effect lamp.  I am not getting into any kind of circadian rhythm with it, since I'm using it all different times of day.  I read a little of Cooking with Ergot, which I've had for some time.  The book has a scene set at a Borders bookstore, and that chain closed some time ago.  The book was published by Aspen Mountain Press, which has closed operations, as far as I know.  I got the book from Fictionwise, which is shut down now.

I opted in to have the books I got from Fictionwise converted to Nook books, but haven't heard anything.  I made sure to save them all, anyway.  I had gotten eighty-five books from there.
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