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Past couple of weeks: Pineapple sage has been in full bloom.  Begonias and geraniums doing well.  I keep planning to bring them in, and battling some weird agoraphobia thing.  I'm all right to go get in the car if I have an immediate destination in mind, but I feel uncomfortable just randomly going outside.  It's not really anything new, and it doesn't bother me to go out if Dad's outside.  I don't know what my problem is.  The mystery pink rose is still blooming.  I did get out long enough to see that.

H. and I went to talk to Dr. H. on Wednesday.  Didn't get much on gay history particularly on campus, but some of general history on campus.  Interesting stuff going on in the 1960s and into the 1970s, when conservatives on campus were really fighting to keep liberalism out.  Knowing the university, this did not surprise me at all.  H. and I are talking about going to the William Way Center this week.

Soap opera: The original person who posted the link to the beautiful love scene between Deniz and Roman sent a link to a message board on which someone has been posting the translations of the characters' dialogue.  It's harder to match up a page of printed-out dialogue to what's on screen, but I'm grateful to have it.

Friday: Paid bills.

Saturday: Put enough money in my bank account to cover the checks I wrote for the bills.

Sunday: Driving practice with P.  We went to the parking lot of the county library in the evening, since the library was long closed by then, and practiced there.  The lot has narrow parking spaces, and also rather narrow lanes between the rows of spaces, so I figured it would give her a bit of a challenge.  We tried backing into a parking space -- something you could never do while the library is open and there are three or four cars lined up looking for spaces.  I didn't tell her it was something I couldn't do myself.  That didn't work, but we practiced in the mall parking lot, too.  She did well with the stop signs, and parking in among the few cars which were still there.  She did a decent job backing out of the spaces, and saw how hard it can be to back up when you're parked next to a truck or SUV and can't see what's coming.  I emphasized physically turning your head to see what's in back of you, as well as checking your mirrors.  We'd originally gone to a rather large cemetary to practice, then to a corporate park which is deserted on Sunday afternoons.  We stopped at the dollar store and the Indian grocery on our expeditions, too.   I got plain burfi, which is indeed plain.  I'm deciding which syrup or sauce I should put with it to make it less plain.

Monday: Evening work session at the bookstore.  This month's featured books are science fiction and Westerns, two genres in which we have many, many books.  I took the October birthday books off the "author birthdays" display.  Someone had already pulled the November birthday authors' books, so I put those out.  I pulled a bunch of science fiction/fantasy books for the display in the front window and for the table in back.  Got steamed dumplings and sweet and sour chicken from the Chinese food place a few stores down in the strip mall for dinner.  Had a couple of little bags of leftover-from-Hallowe'en (presumably) M&Ms for dessert.  Watched more episodes of the soap opera before and after the work session. 
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