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Monday -- Orchid Extravaganza

I went to bed at midnight and slept until ten.  I have no idea what's going on with my sleeping patterns -- well, lack of pattern, actually.

Mom and I went to Longwood Gardens in the afternoon.  It was the Orchid Extravaganza.  I took nearly 300 pictures.  I'm sure some will come out blurry, but hopefully some are good.  I'll put some of the good ones up on Tumblr.  Aside from the orchids, the acacias and camellias were blooming, and the bougainvillea in the Mediterranean part of the conservatories.  There were daffodils, tulips and stock in the Exhibition Hall and Main Conservatory.  The witch hazel was blooming outside by the Terrace Restaurant and Open Air Theater.

AfterElton put up photos from an Oscar viewing party (  There are pictures of several people, but most of the comments are about Chris Colfer.  I made a very general comment with the opinions that it was okay to be interested in a celebrity's public event appearances, and my feeling that it was all right for a pop culture site to put the names of the people the celebrity came with.  There are some AE members who believe wacky things.  I liked a couple of the comments by someone who calls himself Reality.Bites, who sought to explain reality to those members.

Added: I saw that Chris O'Guinn had made a very good comment, too.  Yes, the Chris I work for sometimes.  He's also known as Tiger Cub, and that's what I call him in some of my posts.
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