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Friday so far

I fell asleep around one-thirty or two a.m. and woke around nine-thirty. It's been quiet. I'll go out to see the snowdrops again.

I called K. and left a message, and she called back.  We talked for about half an hour.  I said that if it was freezing cold, S.M. and I would not be going to Longwood Gardens and maybe I could drive down to Baltimore, if K. felt up to a visit.  K. said she'd gotten a retail job and a volunteer job.  That was exciting news.  I said I was doing a volunteer editing job.  I said I needed to talk to people in real life, aside from online.  I was doing it with K., so I'd count that.

I texted A. to say that the "I Do" episode had unlocked today, and that I was anxious to see what he thought of the Kurt and Blaine scenes.  I think he'll like them.  He used to be able to watch a good bit of the Tuesday episodes, but Thursdays he's busy at work at that hour, so I don't think he's seen much this season.  He's been talking about getting the Glee DVDs.  I said I'd send him some for a birthday or Christmas present.

So I have managed to communicate with real people today, and not just online.  I'll probably talk with A. on the phone Sunday, but we'll chat on AE or by e-mail before that.

Slightly later: I went out to look at the snowdrops.  None of them are open yet.  It was quite a bit warmer out than it had been, though.  The thermometer showed above thirty degrees, and it felt above freezing, which was a nice change.

Later: I read The Whore of New Slum, by T.A. Chase.  It was set in an alternate world with steampunk aspects and magic.  The protagonists fell in love very quickly.  There's only so much time for that in a novella, and there was world-building and other plot, too.  T.A. Chase has written other books where the protagonists don't fall in love instantly, though.  From what I remember she has, anyway.  I've read other romances where a protagonist who's a prostitute refuses to take money for sex from that one special person.  I guess that's what's needed for it to be a romance.  The book fit in the genre with those aspects, and the world-building was interesting.
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