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I missed the live airing of the second Fuck Yeah Glee Podcast, as I was in Delaware.  I listened to it tonight.  I liked it much better than the first.  The first I tried to participate in by making YouTube comments, and none were answered as the podcast aired.  That was frustrating.  You couldn't tell who was talking except if they prefaced what they said with their names, and I didn't feel that the people I knew of from their Tumblr posts were as articulate when talking as when writing.  I am less articulate in speech than writing as well, but I had high expectations for them and that podcast.

I didn't expect to be very interested in a "Women of Glee" podcast, as I don't like most of the female characters.  I like Coach Beiste, but I was horrified when she spoke to the boys about hygiene and used the word "taint."  She had spoken to them about hygiene before, but in general terms.  Also, she was one of the people who didn't think Kurt could play Tony, and was very unkind about it.  Aside from those things, I find her pretty sympathetic.

The people on the podcast discussed the women in very interesting and insightful ways.  I really like some of Racheline Maltese's posts and takes on Glee, and she's a good speaker.  She likes the show.  The other participants were pretty articulate and also seemed to like the show.  Out of the teenaged girl characters, I'm mainly interested in Unique, and they discussed her a little at the end.  They mentioned Jamie's Ryder/Unique fic approvingly.  (As they should because it's awesome.)  One said she shipped the pairing now because of that fic.  RM said she thought that pairing might happen in canon.

As for the other girls, I found Mercedes pretty likeable except when she forced church on Kurt in "Grilled Cheesus."

The panelists (is that a word for podcast participants?) discussed the Unholy Trinity and other friendships between women.  I think it was RM who said that some of the women had close friendships with Kurt, and made some other observations on that.  They had some discussion of Tina, and concluded that her storyline wasn't done yet, that that toxicity would probably just get focused elsewhere.  I don't think she's done being toxic with Blaine, but we'll see how that goes.

I'd listen to that podcast again.  I hope there's a podcast on the queer characters of Glee.  That I'd be very interested in as a topic.

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