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Letters from Titan had this:

I saw various photos around Tumblr showing a banner saying "Blaine is on the bottom."  I thought they were fake.  Apparently not.  And now there's word that it was originally supposed to be "Blaine is a bottom."  I think this is supposed to be for episode 4x16, "Feud."  From what I understand, the feud is between Blaine and Sue.  In a simplified way, Sue had a 33% chance of getting it right.  There are those fans who think Kurt and Blaine could be versatile.  My guess is that more Klaine fans seem to think that "Blaine is a bottom" is correct.  There are those who think Blaine tops.

Now Middle America will think the phrase is "on the bottom" rather than "a bottom."  I think it's funnier because Blaine had that leather Dom motorcycle cap on in "Diva."  I'd like to see Blaine take it coolly.  It would be tough for an eighteen-year-old to have what might be his preference of position displayed to western Ohio, but if anyone can take it, it's Blaine.

Glee has its share of raunchy moments.  Most I enjoy.  Occasionally I'm horrified, but that's mostly when it's adult characters talking to children.  Some of that is supposed to be horrifying.  I am not surprised about teenagers having sex and frequently talking about it amongst themselves.

It would be perfectly within Glee's universe if Sue saw photos or video of Blaine's "Don't Stop Me Now" performance, and understood about the cap.  I am curious about what leads Blaine and Sue to feud.  Last we heard he was a cheerleader.  He worked to get ND back in competition for Regionals.  Blaine is officially the new Rachel, so he's the face of New Directions.

Presumably the rest of New Directions will be working with Blaine.  Sue will have a grudge if Blaine wins.  I am wondering how it will play out, but it will be a few weeks yet until it airs.
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