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Sunday so far

Sunday's been quiet so far.  I woke a little before 11:00 a.m., had breakfast, and went back to sleep.  Breakfast was leftover chicken tikka masala and basmati rice.  I figured it would be better to eat it while Mom and Dad were at church.  They went out shopping after church.

I went out briefly to look at the snowdrops.  There are a lot in bud.  I think they're Galanthus nivalis and Galanthus elwesii, but mostly G. elwesii.  I took a few photos.  Dad had tossed red-brick-colored pavers over part of a patch, and I moved the pavers so the flowers could come up.  There are daffodil leaves partway up, too.  Presumably it's mostly 'Ice Follies'.

It was very cold out, and windy.  I didn't stay out for long.  I came in and sat under the sunlight-effect lamp for a while.  I read a little more of Laying Ghosts.  Those members of Joe's family he hadn't seen for a while aren't taking him being gay very well.  Joe seemed to have expected that.  Joe has also stepped into it in a variety of ways with Kabe, which doesn't surprise me.  Kabe knows how to communicate in an intimate relationship, but Joe has no idea.  Half the time he doesn't even know why Kabe's mad at him, though it's clear to the reader that Kabe has justifiable reasons to be angry.  Joe is talking to other people about their issues instead of talking to Kabe directly.  James put up links to reviews of Laying Ghosts.  I'll read the reviews when I'm finished the book.

Later: I talked with A. for a bit over an hour and a half.  He caught me up on life in Green Bay.  A. hates the winter there, and apparently it's been pretty bad even for Green Bay.  We discussed various things about AE, and tried to figure out which of our buddies still seemed to be around regularly.  AE will be changing its name to the Backlot.  It's apparently a reference to where old movies were filmed, if I understood A. correctly.

We talked about some members' perceptions that AE had changed focus.  When I started reading it, it seemed to me that there were several articles a day about Neil Patrick Harris, because he was one of a few relatively well-known out American actors.  There are a number more out actors now.  There's a wider variety of people to have news items about now.

We talked a bit about straight actors playing gay roles.  That used to be thought of as brave, I said.  Now there's a feeling among some AE members that gay actors should play gay roles.  I don't feel that way, but it's not personal in that specific a way to me, except that I don't think bisexual roles should be reserved for bisexual actors.  That's my opinion.  I'm sure others feel differently.

A. hadn't been clubbing for a while, but we chatted about clubs in Green Bay.  He's hoping to get out next weekend, weather permitting.  I look forward to hearing his clubbing adventures.
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