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J. had the day off.  We discussed it, and decided to meet up with J. and K. at the Christiana Mall, which is partway between Baltimore and the Philadelphia suburbs.  I was surprised that Mom volunteered to drive, as she had no idea where she was going.  I'd been to the Christiana Mall a few times a few years ago.  We were doing pretty well until we saw construction signs saying ramp closed.  It threw me enough that I encouraged Mom to take the ramp before the Christiana Mall Road ramp, which was a mistake.

Even though Delaware is a small state, you can still drive around in circles for a while if you get lost.  Mom was panicking, as she does when she gets lost.  Eventually we found our way to the mall and met up with J. and K.  Mom and I agreed that it would have been easier to just drive down to Baltimore.

K. got a few tops at Macy's.  I was definitely not in clothes-shopping mode, but K. gets into it easily enough.  We had lunch at the food court.  J. and I looked at the Lego store and I looked at the Microsoft store.  Mom shopped for hand towels.  I was not in hand-towel-shopping mode, either.  Delaware is the land of tax-free shopping, but I was still unnerved about getting lost and wanted to get back to somewhere we knew how to get home from.

I said to J. and K. that sometime when J. had a day off and it worked for them, I would drive down to Baltimore.  We'll figure out a time for that.

There were snowdrops up in the yard.  I guess they got chilled enough.  Some hardy bulbs need a longer time of being chilled than others.  I'll have to take pictures tomorrow.
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