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Friday so far

It was nice out.  I got bhindi masala, goat curry and chicken tikka masala for lunch, and had a little of each.  I had cooked basmati rice slightly earlier, and had that with it.

Later: Mom's church book club has a movie and pizza night every year.  Dad and I usually go to that.  Tonight was a movie about the Mighty Macs of the early 1970s, the basketball team of what was then Immaculata College and is now Immaculata University.  I don't know about basketball, but Immaculata is drivable from where I live.  I've seen that dome and the red-roofed buildings.  I'd heard of some of the other colleges they played against as well, the ones in southeastern Pennsylvania.  The Macs played against the West Chester State Golden Rams, for instance.  West Chester is now a university as well.  It's not that far from Immaculata.  Both are about an hour from Philadelphia.  There are a lot of colleges and universities in and around Philadelphia.

The drive to and from the church is frightening at night because of the deer.  Mom volunteered to drive there, but then complained about having the worst night vision in the family, and cataracts.  I think "worst night vision" is subjective on her part.  I drove home.  I enjoyed the movie.
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