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Thursday so far

There's actually been quite a lot of it for me.  I went to bed at 10:00 p.m. last night, and woke at 5:30 a.m. this morning.  I have no idea.  I sat under the sunlight-effect lamp and read a bit more of Laying Ghosts.  I'm about halfway through now.  Joe has a few different things going on, including trying to solve the cold case death of his sister, who died when he was only a few months old.  Kabe is trying to get off probation early.  Joe came out to his parents.  They know that the rest of his family and the whole town found out that he was gay while they were on a mission in Russia.  Joe was excommunicated, and that's taken seriously by the more religious of his family members.

Joe is learning new things about Kabe.  When Kabe's mother couldn't take care of him, his mother's family didn't want him because he wasn't white.  In previous books it was established that Kabe was raised by his father's parents, but Joe didn't know the exact details.  It's immediately established in Hard Fall that Kabe is mixed race.  In Laying Ghosts, Joe is learning more things about Kabe's more recent past, too.

It snowed last night, but I went out and cleared off the car, then went to the AT&T store.  I changed my data plan to a lower one, since I used only a small fraction of what I had.  I surf the web some when I'm out, but it runs down the battery fast and I want to have enough charge left to be able to use the phone for actual calls.

I have tentative plans with P. to meet her at the library after she's done work and see how she uses her iPad.  She said the library's computers have iTunes, and she can sign in there.  I'll have to see how that works.  I just know how to do it on the computer at home.  I have my iPod and the cord for that in my purse.  My brother gave the iPod to me when he got an iPhone and could put music on that.  The iPod is one of the older generation ones, one with a wheel.  I can't read off it or anything, but I hear you can with the newer ones.  I don't think it's the first generation, but it's not too many years past that.  I've had it for probably a couple of years now, and J. had it for a good couple of years before that.  I've gotten a fair amount of use out of it.  (Added: I found out later that it's a third-generation iPod nano, and got a PDF of the manual for it.)

I have an editing job to finish up.  It's a BDSM menage.  The author seems to know something about BDSM, as far as I can judge, so she's doing better than the authors of some books I've read.  Those authors shall remain nameless.  But I have enough to keep me busy.

Later: I finished up the editing job.
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