neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Sunday so far

It's been very quiet.  I fried the rest of the basmati rice, and we had it for dinner.  It gets used up pretty quickly, considering how much of it I make.  Well, I have a ten-pound bag.  It will take a while to go through that.

S. called.  He has to work tomorrow, so he can't make it for organizing help.  We'll figure out a day for that.  J. called, and we talked back and forth a few times about meeting him and K. in Newark, Delaware.  I'd get lost driving around Newark by myself, and there's no parking, but there are a lot of cool shops there.  It's a college town.  The University of Delaware is there.  I said I'd drive down to Baltimore, but now the tentative plan is to drive down on Tuesday.  I'll have a "travel" entry that day.

I'll ask A. if he wants to chat.  He was planning on going out clubbing Saturday.

I have editing I can work on.  I'll do some of that tonight.

Slightly later: Mr. Souffle is writing a story I'm really excited about.

Later than that: I did the first read-through on an editing job.
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