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Thursday -- garden club

I went to bed somewhere around 2:00 a.m. and woke at 9:45.  I got ready pretty quickly.  There were flagmen for traffic on the route I went because what I assume was the electric company was cutting off branches that were close to power lines.  The road was down to one lane.  I was running a little late anyway.  I got to where the garden club meets by about 11:10, just when S.M. was getting ready to start the meeting.  A few members were in warmer climates, but about eight or so were there.

We were supposed to bring in things that reminded us of our mothers or grandmothers.  Most of the ladies are in their seventies and eighties, with one, P.G., in her nineties.  P.G. didn't bring anything.  The things other members had that reminded them of their parents or grandparents went back in some cases to the start of the twentieth century.

What I brought was newer than that.  Nana A. wore a necklace that was a rope of round amber beads much of the time.  I went to the Delaware Museum of Natural History a few times, and looked in their gift shop.  Someone called the Amber Lady made jewelry that they sold there.  I got Nana A. two pairs of amber teardrop earrings to match her necklace.  I went back after that, but didn't see earrings like that again after that trip to the museum.  Nana wore the earrings sometimes with the necklace.

Mom inherited all the belongings in Nana A.'s house when Nana passed away.  I asked if I could have the amber earrings.  So what was probably ten or fifteen years later, I got the earrings to remember Nana by.  I forgot to ask Mom this week if she still has the amber necklace.  Mom sold some of the jewelry that Nana wore that Mom wouldn't wear.  I would have brought in the amber necklace to show.

I had asked Grandma S. to make me a lap robe sort of thing, and she knitted me one in lavender.  It's probably 3' by 3'.  I brought that in.  She was still doing sewing and knitting into her seventies, but that's got to be at least ten years old, if not fifteen.  As I wrote in this journal, Grandma S. passed away about a year ago.  She wasn't doing any big sewing, knitting or other needlework projects in her late eighties and early nineties.

At Grandma S.'s memorial service, one of my aunts, P. married to Uncle P., said that she'd gotten the dress pattern Grandma S. used to make all her dresses.  I'd never realized they were all one pattern, just in different colors and prints.  Aunt P. said that there were markings on it for the measurements for Grandma S.'s mother, S.K.  That pattern had been used for a long time, probably since the 1960s if not earlier.

Most of the garden club ladies brought in things their parents or grandparents had made.  The things I brought in were easily the newest.

It was nice to see the ladies.  They're a cordial bunch.  I'd seen S.M. twice lately, and P.M. very recently as well, but it was still nice to see them.  D.S. and J.D. were there.  I sat with P.G. and S.M. for lunch.

Later: I finished up an editing job and got a lot of laundry done.
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