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W. came to visit, and we went to [huge local used bookstore].  We spent a good bit of time in the gardening and children's book sections.  The children's non-fiction and series books are in the same room with the gardening books.  W. has an associate's degree in Early Childhood Education and works at a daycare center.  I started reading the titles of some of the series books, then skimming through some of the first chapters.  I knew about The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and The Bobbsey Twins, but there were a number of series from the 1910s and from the 1930s.  There was a series about the "Bird Boys" and their "aeroplane" starting in 1910 or so -- here we go: The Bird Boys on the Wing, or Aeroplane Chums in the Tropics; and Aeroplane Boys on a Cattle Ranch -- I can only picture them scaring the cattle...But kind of cool to have these boy adventurers in their biplane -- I'm sure it was inspirational to many boys of their day.  There were ones about a naval marine aviator, ones about American boys fighting in the French trenches -- this was from 1919, so presumably they were fighting the Germans.  Found the series: Army Boys in France, Army Boys in the Firing Line, Army Boys in the French Trenches.  I just thought about how the series must have ended relatively quickly once the Great War was over.  There was a series about Bomba the Jungle Boy.  It looked from the first chapter or so of a couple of them to be hideously politically incorrect, but they certainly had great titles.  Bomba the Jungle Boy Among the Slaves, or, Daring Adventures in the Valley of Skulls; Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Steaming Grotto or Victorious Through Flame and Fury; Bomba the Jungle Boy Among the Pygmies or Battling with Stealthy Foes; Bomba the Jungle Boy in the Land of Burning Lava, or, Outwitting Superstitious Natives; Bomba the Jungle Boy and the River Demons, or, Outwitting the Savage Medicine Man.  It gets better and better -- or something.  But it's just fascinating to see some of the old adventure stories.
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