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I got terribly sleepy at 10:00 p.m. Saturday night, and couldn’t fight it.  I slept pretty lightly, though, going between dozing and lying there thinking.  I woke today at 6:30 a.m.  I tried to go back to sleep until 7:00 a.m., and then gave it up.

It had snowed overnight, but not that much.  I got to S.M.’s around 1:00 p.m.  She gave me directions for the Jenkins Arboretum as we drove, and we got there a bit before 2:00 p.m.  S.M.’s sister P.M. met us there.  The ikebana demonstration was interesting.  The presenter made several arrangements.

There was artwork made from cloth on the walls.  I suppose it was somewhat like quilting, but not stuffed.  I’d call it tapestry, but it looked like premade cloth sewn together in pieces.  They were Japanese-style scenes and designs.

The Jenkins Arboretum is not far off the Main Line.  It’s not very well marked.  I’m sure it’s nice there in the spring, early summer and fall.

When I got home, I went online.  I got confirmation from AfterElton that the phrase “queened out” is still used.  I first heard it twenty years ago.  I am fascinated by what gets passed down through gay culture.  It’s now passed down online, too.  Well, I’ve seen queening out often enough to know it when I see or hear it.  I recognized that Blaine was doing it.  Some commenters on AE were insisting after seeing the "Diva" video that those mannerisms meant that the actor was gay.  Apparently they just can't give him credit for acting.

I've been thinking about the scene.  Blaine insists that guys can be divas, too.  He says it at least twice.  A promo I saw shows him saying it specifically to Tina, too.  Kurt told Burt, "I'm a guy, Dad."  That was around the time of "Home," when Burt said he and Finn were doing guy stuff.  We have Kurt and Blaine both identifying themselves as guys.  There's been so much meta written about Kurt and Blaine and gender.

There's no question in canon from other boys about whether Blaine is a boy.  He went to a boys' school.  He's counted as one of the bros at McKinley.  Blaine is identifying himself in Western cultural terms, although he's queering it by saying guys can be divas, too.  He identified himself as gay as one of the first things he said to Kurt, in "Never Been Kissed," when Kurt asked.  Kurt was known as a diva, but the other boys at McKinley questioned whether Kurt was a boy.  He definitely was never a bro, not even when the other boys in ND had gotten to like him.  Even when it was safe to hang out with the boys, Kurt preferred to hang out with the girls.  Blaine likes hanging out with other boys.

Blaine's performances of masculinity are taken at face value by the boys at Dalton and the boys and girls at McKinley.  Many meta writers think it's more complicated than that.  I think Kurt generally realizes that it's more complicated than that.  He did say that Blaine was the "alpha gay," in "Dance With Somebody."  I'd love to know exactly what "alpha gay" means in fictional Lima, Ohio.  Blaine realized that Kurt interpreted Blaine differently than Blaine interpreted himself.  Mostly, though, they were pretty in sync when they were both living in western Ohio.

We've seen Blaine getting more comfortable with himself while wearing a costume as Nightbird.  It will be interesting to see how diva!Blaine develops, and what happens from there.  Diva!Blaine was playing up mannerisms, but he was being himself, too.
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