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GleekTO noticed the AfterElton Briefs mention of Chris Colfer at the SAG Awards. My comment was nice, except that I said I was dubious about Tumblr being a good source of information. I said on my profile that I was on Tumblr myself, but that everyone online has a persona or personae. I ended up with a couple of names I use. 'Paul Neyron' is not my given name. My given name is not a secret. There are people in real life who know that I use Neyronrose in most places online.

News about Glee and the Glee actors is very popular on AE.  Judging from the comments on the recaps, many AE members are hate-watching Glee.  The recapper for AfterElton and AfterEllen seems to be hate-watching it, too.  I wish they'd get someone who likes the show to do the recaps.

I expect I'll be in the usual places online when the voting for the next AfterElton Hot 100 starts.  Women were blamed for the results in the last two Hot 100 lists.  This is ridiculous, because there had to be some men voting as well.  I'd rather it was split off again so men would be the ones voting for the Hot 100.  I would be highly amused if the rankings were similar.  Uly was just voting for gay men.  He said that he was being "gaycist."  It seems that generally about 20% or so of the Hot 100 are out gay men.  Women voting has not changed that.

Actors who are playing gay characters are pretty popular, too.  Jo Weil and Thore Schölermann were in the Hot 100.  The only commentary I saw about them was from a German AE member pleased that Germans had made the list.  There wasn't any argument that they weren't hot.  Nor should there have been, in my opinion.

The AE staff scolds voters for underrepresentation of men of color.  I believe that they have a point.  Some of the members pointed out the number of men in the Hot 100 who are mixed race.  There were several that the staff didn't count.

Mostly I stay on the "Gay Books -- What We're Reading" forum and talk to my buddies.  I enjoy the forum and talking to my buddies. 
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