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TV speculation

As always, this is not a spoiler-free zone.

It's official from Glee's "Sneak Peek -- Sadie Hawkins" that Tina has a crush on Blaine.  Parts of fandom are spiralling.  I will probably feel secondhand embarrassment for Tina, but I'm waiting until I see the episode to see if I spiral or not.  I don't think I spiral on TV shows the way some people do.  I was upset to some degree about events in "The Break-Up," but I think my emotions are quite muted compared to others'.  Also, I kept repeating to myself, "It's fiction."

It's different from what I'd expect that Tina gets a crush on a gay guy after she's been in a good relationship with a straight guy, Mike.  I can see just getting to know someone and getting a crush, but Tina's known Blaine for a good while, and known him as Kurt's boyfriend.  She knows they're separated now, but it still seems strange to me.  I know teenagers get hopeless crushes.

I am reassuring myself that Blaine identifies as "100% gay."  I very much doubt he'd have sex with Tina.  I won't be happy if Blaine and Tina kiss, because Kurt and Blaine so rarely did.  I accepted them not having PDAs, but I felt they could have had a few more scenes in season three where they were in private and displayed affection.  It wasn't just me.  It was a lot of members of AfterElton, many of whom are gay men, and the Glee recappers there and on AfterEllen, who are lesbians.  I said there and elsewhere that I was a lot more cautious about PDAs with women than with men.

As I've also said in various places, I don't feel I have a sexual orientation one way or another, but I certainly believe many people do.  It's my belief that men are more likely to be on one end of the spectrum or the other.  I liked parts of "Blame It On the Alcohol," which is an unpopular opinion in certain circles.  I wish Kurt had been corrected on his biphobia, but that didn't happen.  I liked that it was resolved pretty quickly.

Canuck Jacq said, "Is there a small part of Blaine’s mind that wants to bring home a nice Asian girl to his parents?"  (  I don't think it will get as far as him bringing Tina home.  Glee has had characters with what TV Tropes calls "incompatible orientation" ( crushes a few times before.  There was Kurt on Finn, which lasted much of the first season, at least.  It was probably from the pilot, judging from how Kurt looked at Finn then.  It was definitely established in "Acafellas" and lasted into "Theatricality," which was supposed to go after "Funk."  Mercedes had a crush on Kurt for a while.  Rachel had that "Blame It On the Alcohol" crush on Blaine.

I think I'll be okay with it if Blaine and Tina don't make out.  If they do, I will really not be happy, but I'll keep telling myself that it's fiction.  I just think that would send a bad message about people changing orientations, when I don't think it happens like that.  Yes, Santana had sex with a number of men, but her emotional involvement was with Brittany.  Emotional involvement is one way people identify.  But Santana and Brittany were established as having sex by the thirteenth episode of the first season.  Blaine questioned for about a week, then shut down the discussion with his "100% gay" statement.

It's not unusual for the show for characters to have "incompatible orientation" crushes.  I just hope Blaine shuts Tina down quickly.
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