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and again at school

Talked to a professor at [local university] about the gay history class he teaches.  Got the syllabus for the class and some of his recent handouts.  The professor said that when he'd first advertised for the class, the flyers he put up were torn down, and some put under his door with rude comments written on them, but he just kept putting more flyers up.  The class has always filled up, he said.  He had some interesting observations about the changes in the campus climate in the last ten or fifteen years or so.

Got more information from him about Monday's movie showing.  The postcard for it says: "The Holocaust and Genocide Studies Program and the LGBT Concerns Committee invite you to a special showing of the film, Milk."  I'm not exactly getting the "genocide" part of it in relation to the movie.  I know that gay men in Nazi Germany were put in concentration camps and wore the pink triangle to mark them.  The speakers drew parallels between being gay and Jewish, and talked about what it was like being both.  I know that in the United States, gays, lesbians and trans people have been killed for their sexual orientation or gender non-conformity.  However, murder is still against the law here.  Genocide in the U.S.?  Not so much -- not for that.  It doesn't seem so systematic.  I could be entirely wrong here, but that's my opinion.
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