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Mom was working the 2-10 p.m. shift at the university where she works.  She wanted me to go with her so I could drive home at 10 p.m., since I'm generally still awake at that time.  I spent part of the time in the computer lab in the library.

I read the "Fanspotting" transcript.  I'll probably watch the video when I get home.  This week's episode of "Fanspotting" was about Glee.  One of the panelists (Teej) hadn't watched it since "Makeover."  Racheline Maltese (RM) was another of the panelists.  She had different opinions than the other panelists, some of whom were apparently hate-watching the show, judging from what I read.  RM said her usual "We're all watching a different show."  I thought she made it clear that she likes Glee.

Later: I listened to the "Fandomspotting" podcast and read Teile's meta.  I don't think Rae Votta was hate-watching.  Catherine was.  I agreed with her about Santana not being the focus of "I Kissed a Girl."  Canuck Jacq says -- if I'm getting it right -- that the point of "I Kissed a Girl" was to show Finn being a shitty ally.  I was angry that it was a Finn-centric episode rather than focused on Santana when it was Santana's life.  I mostly agreed with RM in the podcast.  I've been following online for the past few months as she's talked about Blaine becoming more childlike.  It was too bad she didn't get a chance to expand on that in the podcast, but it's all written down.

At the end, the moderator recommended a Teen Wolf fic.  That was completely going off topic.  I agreed with a lot of what Teile said.  I'll probably write up more opinions of my own as I read over the transcript again.  I'm not enjoying that Blaine cheated and that Kurt and Blaine are broken up, but I think season four has had some good episodes so far.  Some of the panelists were expecting Glee to be a different show from what it is.  I think it's more productive to take it for what it is.

Much later: It was raining at night, but we made it home okay.  I was driving pretty slowly, but Mom didn't mind.  I was glad to get home.
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