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later Sunday

P. called and asked if I could take her to Wilmington to see her mother.  I didn't have plans.  She'd worked at the grocery store.  She walked to the library, and I picked her up there.  We stopped off at her apartment in [borough] so she could put her groceries away and get things for her mother, then we were off to Delaware.

On the way, I told P. about the latest discussion I'd had with Biyuti.  I don't think P. knew what Filipino was, but she got the "mixed" part.  P. said that her oldest brother, who'd passed away, had had five children with a white woman, and P. loved those nieces and nephews just the same.  I told her about Jake's storyline on Glee.  P. thought things were much better for mixed race children than they had been in the past, that there was much more acceptance now.  We talked about cross-racial and trans-national adoptions.  P. said someone she knew from the grocery store had adopted a child from Kenya.  I said I knew white couples who had adopted Chinese girls.  P. said that for years she'd given to chariites that linked you to a child in another country and told you about their progress.

P.'s mother had gotten a new phone for Christmas, and P. wanted to show her how to work it.  P. called her mother a couple times on our trip down.  It turned out Ms. F. had been out shopping with E., a brother of P.'s.  I'd met her brother C. before, and her sister, but that was my first time meeting E.  Ms. F. had done some serious shopping, and they had about a dozen bags of groceries.  E. had borrowed a flatbed cart the apartment building had to take them all up to the apartment.

We had sweet potato pie.  E. called it a day soon after all the groceries were unloaded.  P. turned off the wireless and Bluetooth on Ms. F.'s phone, since she wasn't using them and that would just drain the batteries.  She put in a bunch of contacts for Ms. F.  Ms. F. stays in touch with a number of other pastors.  P. had less luck with the voicemail password.  We tried the one Ms. F. thought it was, and that didn't work.  Ms. F. called Miss C., a friend of hers.  The password Miss C. said wasn't it either.  We called customer service, and P. had a few go-arounds with them.  They reset everything.

In between this, P. showed me the iPad she'd gotten herself for Christmas.  I played with apps for downloading free books.  P. already had the Bible on the iPad, but she wanted to get free books on spirituality.  I looked up "Christianity" on Project Gutenberg.  They had a variety of books.  We decided to get together another time so P. and I could download more books onto her iPad.

We headed back to [borough] not too long after P. got everything with the phone working.  We stopped at a Wawa (convenience store) on the way to get dinner.  Usually when I see Ms. F., she's sick and P.'s bringing her medicine.  It was nice to see her when she was in good health.  The drive really wasn't all that bad.  It was somewhat foggy and drizzling slightly, but I'm learning the route to Ms. F.'s apartment building.  I know P. was glad to get her mother's phone all set up.
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