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puzzled, but a little late to ask

Checking around a few LJs, as I do every few days.  Don't know how I missed this earlier, but it's Josh Lanyon's entry on October 17th. (  He says, "Nothing to do with the recent kerfluffle on a certain fan list, although the title is appropriate, yes? *g*"  For the rest of the post, he's talking about his new story, "The Dark Farewell."  The story sounds good, but somehow I completely missed the kerfluffle.  You'd think Teddypig ( would've been following it, whatever it was.  I count on him for my controversy news.  I suppose this is one where I should just concentrate on the stories, but I'm really fairly curious now.  He hasn't been stirring anything up on the M/M romance fans Yahoo group.  I think I stir up more there, as I make no secret about being rather political on the subject of gay rights, and my opinions about the plausibility of certain plotlines.  But as far as I can tell, the people on that list are pretty much for gay rights, so they don't seem have an issue with me speaking of that.

Here's another line from Josh's entry: "And while all my work does certainly have an obvious social and political agenda, I try and avoid getting too political in general."  More of a human rights agenda, in my opinion.  He doesn't hit people over the head with the agenda, just shows the humanity of his characters.

Edited to add: My curiousity got the better of me, and I asked what the "kerfluffle" was.  I feel that I was polite about it, though.

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