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Saturday so far

I went to bed before midnight, and woke slightly before 8:00 a.m.  I heated up some of the basmati rice for breakfast, but it was very plain, so I added sweetener, cinnamon, and milk like I would if I were having minute rice for breakfast.  It was good that way.  I just couldn't face having curry that early in the day.  I sat under my sunlight-effect lamp and read Marrying Stone.  I'm only supposed to stay under that lamp for so long, so I switched to reading by the light from the window and finally finished the book.  The protagonists grew on me after a while.  I'll probably re-read Simple Jess pretty soon.

I think my day holds a trip to the grocery store and another read-through of my editing job.  I offered to do some proofreading as well, as there was a lot of that.  We'll see if I get taken up on that.

Later: Mom asked me if I wanted to practice driving the new car.  I did.  It was a little scary, but cool.  We went to a relatively local corporate park, which is deserted on Saturdays and Sundays.  It took a while to get the seat adjusted so my feet were the right distance to the petals.  It's unusual that anything but the farthest forward you can put the seat is the right distance, but with that car, the farthest forward had my knees up against the steering wheel.  It responded fairly similiarly to my car, so I was comfortable enough driving it.  Mom wants to take it to the university where she works when she works evening shift and have me drive it home.  We'll probably end up taking my car.

We did the usual run to the grocery store.  I refrained from getting cream and red velvet whoopie pies, and got fruits and vegetables instead.  Not to say that I won't get red velvet whoopie pies another day, but today I was relatively good.  When we got home I had artichokes and water chestnuts.  The water chestnuts were boring by themselves, but they were okay with some soy sauce.

I found a site with links for writing good fan fiction:

Many of the rules on the linked sites apply to writing any kind of fiction.  What the folks who posted said about epithets and homophones was particularly applicable to much I've read.  I catch a lot of homophones.
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