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rambling about TV again, and reading

I'm thinking of the AfterElton Hot 100 again, which I followed all the way, as I had the previous year.  (  GleekTO said on AE that the Tumblr fanbase hadn't known about the Hot 100 until too late.  She got skepticism.  There was a lot of blaming of "teenage fangirls" for Darren Criss being #1.  There was not as much bitching about Chris Colfer being #2 on the list, and that was mostly from AE members that don't like Glee.  But there was a lot of "He's not hot!" re DC.

Gunners did a hysterically funny little rant about how gay guys have to come out to their families and others, and then they had to come out again on AE saying they were gay men and they thought DC was cute.  I stayed quiet in the comments section, and just sent various people private messages and feedback on their profiles.  Gunners and I discussed it in feedback.  I said I was avoiding the haters.

(Added: I read through again, and Gunners' rant wasn't in the comments.  It must have been in feedback.)

One guy said that DC wouldn't have been his choice, but he was happy someone Asian was #1.  He got several thumbs up for that.  I sent him a private message and we conversed back and forth a bit.  At least one other person said he was happy that someone Asian topped the list.  All the comments about race were positive ones.  There was plenty of sexism, but no racism.  The "no racism" part made me happy.  I wasn't as thrilled with the sexism.

As of last time I saw a number, 45% of AfterElton members were women.  I was shocked.  I doubt I would be counted, because I never put my gender.  There are other members who don't put down a gender.  The percentage of women is probably higher now.  There's some disgruntlement about that.  It's understandable, because it's "The pop culture site that plays for your team."  It isn't really anymore, except if you redefined team as people interested in gay and bi male representation in pop culture.  That wasn't what "team" was supposed to mean.  I have male buddies there who are welcoming to women.

Mostly, though, I just comment on the "Gay Books -- What We're Reading" forums.  The Dr. Fell stories were my last recommendation of 2012, and Lee Rowan's Royal Navy series was my first recommendation of 2013.  Aside from the Dr. Fell stories and the latest Cambridge Fellows Mystery, I've been reading straight romances, books about dogs, books about roses, and a book about intersex people and conditions.  I'm sure I'll have more to contribute next week.  We've talked about the Cambridge Fellows Mysteries a number of times on the forums.  In March, I'll have Qhuinn and Blaylock's book to talk about.  I went off topic a couple of times on the m/m romance forum to talk about all the Ho Yay in the previous Black Dagger Brotherhood books.  This time it will be legit about a same-sex male couple, and not just crazy amounts of Ho Yay.  I'm excited.  I liked the straight and bi romances, too, or at least the Brothers.  The books are ridiculous -- should that be "rihdiculous"? -- but lots of fun.

I talk to A. from Green Bay in feedback and on the phone.  There are a couple of guys I talk about gardening with, and more people I talk about books with.  A. and Uly are Glee fans, and they're in their fifties.  It's definitely not just teenaged girls.  But I knew that.
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