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Wednesday so far

Last night: I think I went to bed around 2:00 a.m., and woke today at 10-something.  I read The Heart of a Dog last night.  That could be given to children, although perhaps with a little talk about class prejudice.  It didn't have the racism that The Faith of a Collie did.

Today: I sat under the sunlight effect lamp in the afternoon.  I should have sat under it in the morning, but I was on the computer.  While under the lamp, I read part of Lad: A Dog.  So far, some of the chapters are relatively suitable for children to read, and some would need to have certain outdated words changed to modern usage.  There are newer editions of parts of the book.  It would probably be possible for me to get them from interlibrary loan and see what's been changed.  (Added: The county library system has a few of what seem to be short books edited from certain chapters of Lad: A Dog.  I hope they took out that "Chinaman" reference.)

I finished up one editing job and worked on another.  I want to be very close to finished with the other by tonight.
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