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later Tuesday

I went to a program on organization presented by a professional organizer, B.K.  I said that I kept getting new books and that they were adding to the clutter in my room.  She said no new books.  I must have made a face of horror.  B.K. said, "One book in, one book out."  That sounds somewhat more doable.  I'm not sure if it was her or someone else that said something about e-readers.  I said I had e-readers.  She said that then you get "e-clutter."  I hadn't heard that term before.  B.K. said to set weekly and monthly goals, and break projects down into smaller tasks.  She had a lot of good ideas.  I might see what her hourly rate is, but I was working well enough with S., and I'm sure I'm paying him a lot less than she charges.
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