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Last night and this morning: I tried to go to sleep around midnight.  I felt very tired.  However, when I lay down, I felt wide awake.  I lay there for a couple of hours.  I was very tempted to get up and turn the computer on again, or at least read.  I don't remember actually drifting off, but I woke around 11:00 a.m., so I probably fell asleep around 2:30 a.m. or so.

Today: I got to the grocery store and Pep Boys.  At Pep Boys, I picked up a turn signal light bulb, as my left turn signal hasn't been working.  Dad put the new bulb in.  Meanwhile, I sat under the sunlight-effect lamp and read more of Marrying Stone.  (*spoiler*)  The protagonists inadvertently got married, so the whole community considers them officially wedded by about halfway through the book.  That was much sooner than I'd been expecting.

Once the turn signals on my car were functional again, I set out to Barnes & Noble.  I looked for Homme Essential, but they still had the December issue on the racks.  I asked when the new issue would be up.  The information person couldn't tell me.  She said magazines come in several shipments.  I said I'd try again later in the week.  I looked at the Nook Touch with GlowLight.  It looked very cool for reading at night.  I refrained from getting it.  I'll think about it more when the books I had in my Fictionwise library are converted to Nook books.  I'm still mad at myself for getting the Kindle Touch the same week that the Kindle Paperwhite became available for pre-order.

I looked in the romance section to see if there were any books by Pamela Morsi, but I didn't see any.  The romance section is smaller than it was since they switched things around, and it's off in a corner.  They did have the Fifty Shades books displayed on an endcap.  From the descriptions and reviews of them, I don't want to read them, but they are certainly wildly popular.  B&N now has more toys and other things that are not books than it used to.  You can still order books, but there aren't as many in the store.

I headed off to Wal-Mart.  The same brand and number in a pack of blank CDs I'd gotten at Staples for $20 was $12 at Wal-Mart.  I looked at e-readers there, too.  They still had the Sony 300 displayed, but I didn't see the 600 that had been displayed with it.  Instead, they had Kindles and Nooks on that part of the display.  I also refrained from getting any e-readers there.  Sooner or later I'll break and add to my e-reader collection, but it will probably be the Nook with GlowLight.  I have a lot of books in e-pub format.  The associate at B&N who explains Nooks to people said that I could sideload books that are in e-pub format, which I had been pretty sure I could do.

Altogether it was a pretty productive day.  I did the shopping I wanted to do, and didn't get any e-readers.  I'll probably work on my editing jobs tonight.

Much later: I read the three previous stories in the series for an editing job I'm working on.

I got a lot of laundry done.
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