neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

went to see the movie Milk

It was being screened at [local university].  I knew what happened, but a couple of viewers cried out in shock at the ending.  I knew much of the broad detail of Harvey Milk's history, from him being a closeted gay man in New York to becoming a San Francisco politician.  I didn't know who all the people who worked on his campaigns were, though I had heard of Cleve Jones.  There were two panelists there for discussion, with one of the professors moderating.  S. was there, but I didn't see any other officers from the GLBT group.  It was his third time seeing the movie.  So S. asked a question during the question-and-answer period, and we talked amongst ourselves in response to a number of the other questions.  One of the panelists felt that straight actors shouldn't portray gay men.  I was like, "Look at all the gay actors who have played straight characters."  I feel that both straight and gay men can play gay roles -- it's just whether the actors are good.  The audience was quite small, filling perhaps a quarter of the seats in the theater.  There was quite a large audience a few years ago when they showed Brokeback Mountain.  I expected something more like that.
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