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I went to bed not that long after midnight and woke around 9:45 a.m.  It had snowed in the night or earlier in the morning.  There was a light layer of snow on my car and the driveway.  I could see tire tracks where Mom and Dad had left to go to church.  A few hours later, the snow had melted off the car and it was warmer than it had been for the last couple of days.  I got out and ran an errand.

I finally sat under the sunlight-effect lamp around 2:30 p.m.  I need to start using it at a regular time.  I read more of Marrying Stone.  It's a large type book, so it's many more pages than it would be otherwise.  So far I'm about a quarter of the way in.  I was more interested in Althea and Jess of Simple Jess than I am in Roe and Meggie of Marrying Stone.  Although the first book explains things that puzzled me in the second, I don't know if I would have been able to think of Jess as a romance protagonist at all if I'd read Marrying Stone first.  Jess likes to taunt Meggie by putting invertebrates and such near her food or on her.

Then again, I didn't really care about Baby Paisley in Simple Jess.  I'm not much for children, and I kept wondering if a three-year-old child would be so articulate.  I could also see what the problem was with the deer tail way off, not that that ruined it for me or anything.  I liked Althea's defiance, and how Jess tried so hard and was a good worker.  I'll see if Meggie and Roe grow on me, but so far they're not terrifically appealing as protagonists to me.  Dreamy girl and city boy who think's he's superior to the country folks have been done.  I'll try to finish Marrying Stone tonight or tomorrow.

I did the first read-through of an editing job.

Later: I talked to A. from Green Bay for a little over an hour.  I told him that what I was seeing on the Tumblr sites I read was about a premiere of "Struck by Lightning."  A. is a big Chris Colfer fan, too.  There was nothing like Glee when he was growing up.  He's in his mid-fifties.  I said that it was nice that the actors are friends and support each others' endeavors.  We talked about how we both wished CC happiness and much continued success.  I said how much I'd liked The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell.  I was quite afraid I would snap into editing mode when I read it, but I was swept away by the story and could purely enjoy it.  I thought the book was well-written.  I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel.  
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