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Tuesday -- New Year's Day

Mom and I went out to a grocery store a middling distance away.  I got a can of tomatoes, corn and okra.  I had the mix when I got home.  It was pretty good.  I also stocked up on Greek yogurt.  They had cans of collard greens and turnip greens at that grocery store, too.  I'm sure there have been collard greens available in various parts of Pennsylvania for a long time, but I don't think I've personally seen them at a grocery store before.  I'll know where to go now to find food for Southern cooking.

Rainbow eBooks had a 30% off sale, and I shopped a bit.  I got Second Hand by Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton.  It's one in the Tucker Springs series.  I read Where Nerves End, which I think is the first in the series.  Second Hand is the second in the series.  I got Where Nerves End from Amber Quill Press.  The third is available for pre-order from Riptide Publishing.  I have no idea.  I had thought Aleksandr Voinov had said he was going to quit writing, and I think he's the one who started Riptide.  I'm glad he didn't quit.  He's got a lot of fans.  I have a book co-authored by him, Break and Enter, in my to-be-read files.  That was published by Samhain.

I got several Roughstock stories, too.  Some were about Sam and Beau, and some were about Coke and Dillon.  I like B.A. Tortuga's cowboy stories.  I'm sure there are more Roughstock stories yet at Torquere, but I find it difficult to search that site for specific series by the really prolific authors.  Of the publishers I shop from, AQP is about the easiest to search.  Samhain has added several layers, starting with a page of blog posts by authors, before you get to the actual books available.  Their old site was pretty easy to search.  Loose Id at least still has that week's books on the first page of their site.

And again I ramble, but that's what this journal is for.  Actually, it's easier now to buy books from Samhain once you find the books you want, since it's not one site that has what books are available and another site to buy them from.  You had to sign into one, then the other, then you'd get knocked off one site while you were at the other.  The book purchasing process itself is simpler and easier with the new site.  You don't have to work around it.

Harlequin's main site is for the print books.  You can get to the page for e-books from there.  The e-books have DRM.  Carina is another site altogether.  Carina's books don't have DRM.  I find books that don't have DRM far easier to download.  Depending on the coupons and what's there, I get Harlequins and books from Carina.  Carina has some m/m.  Harlequin e-books and Carina books are in e-pub format.  Presumably you can get them as Kindle books on Amazon.

I work around the Sony Reader Library software when I download books to my Sony e-readers.  Kindle makes it easy.  Well, I have yet to buy a book from Sony or buy a Kindle book.  I've gotten lots of free Kindle books.  Dragging and dropping .mobi format books that don't have DRM to the Kindle is pretty easy.  It's like I do with e-pubs to the Sony e-readers.  Sometime I'll probably buy a Kindle book if I can't get it without DRM elsewhere.  A few authors I know have books that are just Kindle books.  Death of a Blues Angel, presumably the second edition, is that now, as far as I know.  I have it in print.  Tiger Cub published Love Bites and Uly's Desmond books as Kindle-only books.  Tiger Cub has some books at Smashwords.

Octobercountry started the AE "Gay Books -- What We're Reading in 2013" forum.  I recommended Lee Rowan's Royal Navy series.  They, at least the first couple, were originally published at Linden Bay.  I think Lee said that Ransom was their first m/m book.  Linden Bay got bought by Samhain -- or that's how I understand it -- and Lee went to a small publisher so her books wouldn't go out of print temporarily.  A new one was coming out, so I could understand that she'd want the older books available right then.  I don't think you can even buy direct from the publisher she went to.  Home is the Sailor is in my to-be-read files, so I must have gotten it from some bookseller.

Back in the real world, I talked to S. for about fifteen minutes.  We tentatively planned for him to come over Friday to help me organize my room.  We'll see how busy his life is on Friday.  I'm not holding my breath.  He told me about M.'s new jobs.  I hope he likes them.  K. texted me a "Happy New Year" message.  I texted back.  I'll probably go down to Baltimore in the next few weeks, weather permitting and depending when J. has a day off.

Well, today seemed to be my analyze-ease-of-shopping post day.  I'd go with sites that show the books available on the first page, ability to search by author and series, and books free of DRM.

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