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Friday into Saturday - TV rambling

I dozed off at 9:30 p.m. on Friday.  I think I know why.  I woke at 12:30 a.m. Saturday.  I've got to try to get more sleep.

This is totally not a spoiler-free journal.  I've been reading various Glee spoilers.  Blaine is supposed to do a Queen song, and there's a lot of speculation as to which one it will be.  One suggestion was "The Show Must Go On."  I said on Tumblr that I'd like for Kurt to do that one.  I've been influenced by what Glorfindel says on the Glee forum, in the "Kurt's Singing Voice" and "Songs and Singers of Glee" forums.  I said that CC has the range and strength of voice to do the more vocally demanding Queen songs.  I said that DC doesn't have that vibrato.  That was from what Glorfindel said (, but you can hear it.  As is evident from many of my posts, I like both performers.  I would rather hear CC do Queen songs.  He could have handled all of "We Are the Champions," in my opinion.

I used to listen to "The Show Must Go On" all the time in college.  It's one of the Queen songs I'm most familiar with, and perhaps my favorite.  If Blaine does it, Kurt won't.  I'm sure I'd like a Blaine version, but it would have to be much different from the original.  Kurt's the one who gets close to the original with some songs, like as Riff Raff and in "Love Shack."  He could get a lot closer to the original on a Queen song.

Added: I heard what song Blaine's supposed to be doing, and I think I'll like it.  I jumped to conclusions.  I'll post more about it when I actually hear it.

Added a couple of weeks later than that: I listened to Blaine's version of "Don't Stop Me Now."  Blaine's a great performer, so I'll have to see what it looks like on the show and what context it's in.  Otherwise, though, like RM (Racheline Maltese) says (, "there was no way to win this one."  Very few people have the kind of voice Freddie Mercury did.  Very, very few.
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