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TV watching, and rambling on my part

On the 16th her time (she lives in Australia), Calanthe-b put up her main post about "Glee, Actually."  She's one of the people who talks about Kurt and death.  She's not the only one who talked about that for that episode.  It doesn't fill me with confidence about how Burt will do.  In "Grilled Cheesus," Kurt faced the possibility that Burt would die.  Kurt was probably a minor then, likely seventeen or so.  He was at least sixteen in "Acafellas," and that was the season previous.  Now he's presumably eighteen, and independent.  Kurt has had a couple of health scare reminders now to not take Burt being there for granted.

Kurt had to grow up fast.  In "Duets," he was Burt's caretaker.  Kurt took care of a few people emotionally in season three.  In that season, Kurt's support system was balanced between Burt and Blaine, with Blaine needing Kurt at least as much as Kurt needed him, if not more.  Kurt was pretty much on his own at times, though, like in "On My Way."  Blaine had been traumatized by nearly getting blinded, and Burt was distracted by Finn and the planned Finchel wedding.  I'm borrowing from what I've read.  That thought of Kurt being on his own then wasn't original to me.  It wasn't hard to figure that Blaine had been traumatized, though.

I think Kurt has a full appreciation for Burt being there for him.  Burt chose Blaine to be there for Kurt in "Glee, Actually."  Again I'm partly going by what Callie said, but that was pretty obvious.  As I noted in one of my posts, Blaine was trying so hard to be a grown-up.  Kurt still loves Blaine, and accepted Blaine being there for him.  Burt had said that his gift for Kurt was "really big" -- I'll go with too big to fit under the Christmas tree -- and that if he didn't like it he could return it.  Perhaps Burt does understand the significance of duets, more so than he did in "Duets," though I think he had some idea there.  Most of the characters are pretty genre-savvy when it comes to what duets mean.  Burt knew that Kurt chose to keep Blaine, at least as a friend.

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