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Did I have an entry including my trip to the smaller Indian grocery store in [local town]?  That was one of my stops on Thursday.  I got frozen rasmali, and containers of "Bengali Sweets Mix", yellow jalebi, and dry rasgulla.  I just put the dry rasgulla in the rasmali milk to let them soak.  The boxes had the ingredients on them, so I finally know what's in jalebi, or at least, in yellow jalebi.  They're made of flour, ghee, sugar and saffron.

Saturday last week: My brother had heard about my new obsession, watching English-subtitled parts of the German soap opera Alles Was Zahlt, so he very sweetly brought me his German-language textbooks from college, and even a CD.  Now I have three German-English dictionaries.  Even for someone like me, who thinks if one is good, two or three or five or a dozen of something must be better, three dictionaries are a bit much.  Did I put the link to the YouTube for the fan-subtitled sections of the show?  It's  It's still fairly amazing to me how many words I'm recognizing from listening.  The project had a German-language magazine interview with the actors that showed the photos of them, and an English-language transcript.  I read the translation first, then looked at the German version, which I could sort of read after reading the English one, and then the English one again.  The translation seems to be pretty accurate, as far as I can tell.  The German version gives more of the flavor of the actors speaking, of course.

Today: Could not resist picking up two holiday stories to proofread.  The weekends are usually quiet for me, and I want something to keep me busy.  Both are m/f stories with werewolves.  I get that werewolves are popular partly because just about every author's world-building around them includes the notion that werewolves can't carry or transmit diseases.  But I'm just getting so jaded reading short erotic romance stories generally and especially werewolf stories.  I think there's still more variation in m/m stories than in m/f stories.  I'm pretty sure I said this a day or so ago, but I do tend to like the stories which are more hardcore in one way or another, at least the types of hardcore that I can deal with. 

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