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flowers and tender perennials

     Raining again.  Pineapple sage has really perked up from getting all the water.  That usually blooms in October here.  Geraniums looking rather waterlogged.  Thinking about where to put geraniums inside before the first frost -- some are in pretty large pots, and the house is so dark.  They usually seem to survive in the west-facing windows.  I'll probably save the pink ones, red ones, and the ones with marbled pink-and-white flowers.  The lemon verbena are in pots small enough to bring inside easily enough, too, although they do tend to drop a lot of leaves when they get that kind of change of scene.  I've got a month or six weeks to think about it.  Watered jasmines (they're inside).

     Mystery pink rose is blooming.  I'm wondering which of the roses in pots outside will rebloom when they get enough water.  The ones that were noticeably remontant this summer with little to no watering were 'Prairie Star' (Buck rose), 'Morning Has Broken' (shrub rose bred by Heirloom roses) and 'La Reine' (Old Garden Rose).

     'Quatre Saisons' had one bloom in June, from a tiny plant.  'Royal Four Seasons' got hit by weedkiller and died.  It was probably a three- or four-year-old plant, but had also had quite a lot of winterkill to start with.  'Botzaris' and 'Ispahan' had a couple of branches each hit by weedkiller, but came back from it.  I strongly suspect that 'Botzaris' is on its own roots now, if it wasn't to start with.  I prefer the own-root roses for this climate, anyway (Zone 6b, temperate, heave-and-thaw frost patterns).  They are much more likely to live through the winter.  The Jacobite rose started out from a slip of root and is eight feet tall now.

     Rosa Mundi and 'Maiden's Blush' are still fighting it out.  'Maiden's Blush' is draped over Rosa Mundi -- I really should try to stake up the 'Maiden's Blush', but it's two feet taller than I am and very thorny.  Parts of Rosa Mundi have reverted back to the Apothecary's Rose (Red Rose of Lancaster).  Apothecary's Rose on one side of the herb garden didn't start out on its own roots, but large parts of it are on its own roots now.  White Rose of York on the other side of the herb garden is fighting it out with bindweed and soapwort, and winning.  Still haven't gotten around to pruning the sweet briar -- it catches Dad every time he tries to mow around it.  Mistflower that is growing up through 'Mme. Zoetmans' is blooming.  They'd be really pretty if they bloomed together.    

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