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TV watching -- "Glee, Actually"

My first reaction was that the episode really jerked my emotions around.

A positive was that Kurt and Blaine sang a Christmas duet.  Things are still up in the air with them, but they seem to be back to some kind of friendship, with Blaine wanting them to be back together again.  Burt had a health scare.  Kurt is independent now, but still loves his dad more than anything.

I'm sure the AfterEllen crowd will find the Sam and Brittany parts maddening.  It's not like Brittany and Santana could have gotten married in Ohio, and they were the soulmates.  If I felt that way, I can only imagine their reaction.

There might be some fury from disability activists about how Artie's storyline was handled.  I was uncomfortable with aspects of it.  I was anxious to see what happened to Kurt in that alternate reality.  He said he couldn't bear coming to school more than a couple of days a week because of the bullying, and that was why he didn't graduate on time.  That was actually pretty realistic, I thought.  I had said to Canuck Jacq after "Goodbye" that an achievement Kurt had was surviving high school.

I liked the Puckerman family bonding.  Parts of their adventure in Los Angeles bent the fourth wall.  Jake has family support.  We got to see his mother.  Puck is moving back to Ohio.  He's kind of like Kurt in that family is very important to him.

I was glad that Marley was getting help.  I'm kind of getting characterization whiplash from how Sue goes from being evil one episode to good the next.  I wasn't as invested in Marley's story as in some of the others.

The parts I liked best were Kurt's interactions with Burt and Blaine, and seeing that Jake was getting support from his mother and Puck.  I've really come to like Jake.  I think he'll be okay emotionally with the family support he's getting.

I wasn't infuriated with any parts of the episode, but I could see how some groups would be.  As I said, I felt emotionally jerked around, but I liked the episode more than not.

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