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Thursday so far

I went to sleep around 3:30 a.m. or so, and woke at 8:00 a.m.  I sat under the sunshine effect lamp for a while, reading.  I'm still not sure I'm using it right, but it makes for a great reading light.  I read Peter's Chair by John Simpson.  It was pretty much a "What if?"  This what if was what if a gay man became the pope.  This was the second edition.  I don't know when the first was published.  The book had a conservative U.S. president and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was still in effect, so the book might have been originally published a few years ago.

I'm sure there were popes who had male lovers, so that was hardly a first.  This imagined it in modern times.  There were all kinds of shenanigans temporal and spiritual that Brian, who became Pope John XXIV (is that right for 24th?) had to deal with: conspiracies, murder, exorcisms and more.  Some of what happened seemed simplified from how it would actually work, but I'm not Catholic, and don't have a whole lot of knowledge into the workings of the Church.

Simpson has other "What if?" books, most notably what if a gay man became president of the U.S.  It's arguable that we may have had presidents who had male lovers.  Nothing's proven.  This is another modern-day imagining.  I haven't read that series.  Who knows -- it's possible that it could happen in the future in real life.  We've had several gay U.S. Representatives, there's a lesbian Senator now, and a governor of New Jersey turned out to be gay.

I went to the usual grocery store, then went to the Indian grocery.  I got chicken tikka masala and naan.  I asked the proprietor if there was a particular day they had goat curry.  "Friday," he said.  I may go back tomorrow and get some of that.  So good.  Maybe I'll cook some basmati rice tonight.  That's good with the chicken tikka masala, too.

Later: I went to my Fictionwise bookshelf and downloaded a number of books.  Fictionwise is closing down.  I'm really sorry to see them go, because you could get books in multi-format on there.  I believe I had at least PDF copies of most of the books.  I'm not sure if I ever got their e-pubs to work on the Sony e-readers I have.  They download as compressed zipped folders.  However, in the hopes that I get an e-reader that will unzip the folders, or learn how to unzip the folder and get a readable file out of it on the desktop, I downloaded e-pubs.  I hadn't had any of the books in .mobi format, so I downloaded those.  I downloaded books in .lrf format, too.  The .lrf is what works on the 2010 Sonys I have, and presumably on earlier Sony e-readers.

I had done some of this downloading from Fictionwise on November 19th, according to when I'd last downloaded books.  I downloaded the rest tonight.  I had 85 books.  I saved them to my computer, most of them in a folder named Fictionwise.  I saved that folder to a USB drive, and it was 328 items.  I didn't download all the books in all four formats that I was downloading, but I got at least a couple of formats for all of them.  It's possible to transfer the books to a Barnes & Noble library before Fictionwise closes down altogether.  I am assuming that they will then be e-pub with DRM that you can read on a Nook.  I'll probably do that if I can access them on my Nook for PC app.  It would be a good excuse to get a Nook, but I'll see how strongly my obsession with collecting e-readers is pushing at me then.  Right this moment it's weak.  I might feel different in a few weeks.  None of the books I had from Fictionwise had DRM on them, or at least not the kind that gets added to Nook, Kindle, Kobo or Sony books.

Doing the rest of the books took a couple of hours, but I got into a groove.  I may see about transferring the library to tonight or tomorrow.

Later still: I started the process of requesting that my Fictionwise library be turned into a Nook library.

I finished up an editing job.
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