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Saw a groundhog out right by the lilacs -- which are not very far from the house.  Opened the back door and scared it away.  It ran straight for the tunnels under the shed where they live.  We need to get a dachshund.  I don't think that dogs which were bred for dogfighting or bull-baiting or bear-baiting should be used for those purposes anymore, but I don't have a problem with hunting dogs being used for hunting, and terriers being used to kill vermin.  That's probably pretty inconsistent of me.  I suppose it's that the baiting categories have the animals in a ring, with people being entertained by seeing them, including the dogs, get injured or killed.  The dogfighting also has the dogs in a ring, to entertain people by seeing them get injured or killed.  With rat terriers, on the other hand, I have no pity for the rats.  Even toy terriers can kill mice.  Not that I'd really want to see it.  And once again, I suppose I'm being terribly inconsistent by thinking that dogs bred to hunt endangered species shouldn't be used for those purposes.  I'm thinking of lion hounds, like Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and wolfhounds.  Following that logic, deerhounds should be used whenever possible.

And on to the blogs I sometimes read: I entirely missed Jessewave's Ugly Covers competition (, except for seeing her announcement on the m/m romance Yahoo group that today was the day the "winner" was posted.  I had other things to do on October 11th, when the competition began, though I read the Fanfic vs. Plagiarism post from the same day.  I did go back and look to see how many covers were by a certain publisher.  It was only five out of the twenty this time, and only one I'd proofread, though I'd read most of them.  They picked two covers of books by the same author, Kira Stone.  Under her other name, she's taught me a fair bit about line editing, and she's quite a good writer.  Willa Okati's Dragon series was very good, I thought.  The one I'd proofread was "Coconut Cream Pie," which was a cute story.  It's not like it's high literature, but the characters were likeable, and Kate Hill worked in a pretty good amount of plot within the limitations of story length.  For the first two competitions, they'd picked so many from that publisher, it was very much like they were trying to force one to win.  However, other covers proved to be far more horrifying in their own ways.  I wrote to Wave last time to ask her to give the stories a chance.  We had some discussion on here about the competition being rough on the authors and artists.  It actually ties in a bit with the paragraph above, as it seems more like baiting in some cases than being a productive way to cause change.

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