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TV watching -- "Swan Song"

There were some great lines.  I rewatched partly to get the dialogue down right.  There was a bit Sue thought, about what would happen to the glee club members without the club.  She fantasized Blaine saying, "I'm performing on the bathhouse circuit."  I have so much love for that line.

New Directions lost sectionals.  The Warblers won.  The members of ND were concerned about Marley, and got her a juice box.  That solved the immediate problem.

Blaine and Tina joined the Cheerios.  I rewatched for that dialogue, too.  Sue said, "I could use a handsome, non-flammable gay to articulate how my defeating the glee club once and for all and absorbing its budget is actually the best thing that ever happened to him."  Blaine liked the "handsome, non-flammable gay" part.  Then she said, "My squad's looking a little pale these days.  It wouldn't hurt to add a dash of Yellow #4 to my championship cheer batter."  I expected her to think that "Asian" was Tina's name, but that was much along the same lines.

Other ND members joined other clubs.  Kurt and Blaine were talking, apparently regularly.  Kurt got the chance to audition for NYADA again.  This time he got in.  I am not that much of a show tune fan.  I am sure people who are show tune fans were much more appreciative of his song.  Personally I like "Defying Gravity," "As If We Never Said Goodbye" and some duets and group numbers that Kurt has been in.  I like "Candles" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside," among others.  (Added: I appreciated the song more when I listened to it again.)

It was a Rachel-heavy episode, but I found things to enjoy.  I realize Rachel was meant to be annoying.  She does very well at it.  I think I'd really had it towards the end of the third season.

There was some lovely fourth-wall breaking with Brittany.  She said that Sam would be in danger from "all the lesbians of the nation" if she and Sam started dating.

Becky was in the episode, and there are some Becky scenes I've really enjoyed.  I don't get all the dialogue, but I get most of it after I've listened a few times.  I didn't get much of what Rory said.  There are lines Kurt said that I didn't get because Kurt was talking really fast and crying hard.  I watched those particular Kurt scenes again with captions, and then I could fully appreciate them.

So now there's a canon Cheerio!Blaine, and presumably Kurt will be singing more.  I am happy with those things.  I'm sure there will be plenty of gifs of Blaine in his Cheerios uniform, with lively objectifying commentary.  I'm not a big fan of the male version of Cheerios uniforms, but he did make it look pretty good.  I expect to see gifs of the hula hoop scene.  (Added later: Yes, there were gifs of the way that Blaine was moving his hips.  I also saw commentary from people wishing that his uniform was tighter, and that they'd shown the rear view.)  (Added months later: When Blaine went back to the Cheerios, there were specifically lingering shots of the rear view of Blaine in his uniform.  There were gifs of those, too.)

I liked Brittany and Sam's duet and interactions more than I thought I would.  Then again, I've never objected to bisexual women dating men.  I've dated more men than women.

There's still a New Directions, though the competition season is over for them.  I'm sure there will be a twist there.  And there was finally a triumph for Kurt.  The promo for the next episode had Burt coming to Kurt and Rachel's place with a Christmas tree.  I am happily anticipating Burt and Kurt scenes.
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