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Tuesday so far

I slept until 12:30 p.m. or so, which was later than I wanted.  We took my car in.  I had Dad follow me so of course the signal lights were working when he was watching.  They worked for a bit while the mechanic was watching, then stopped.  He referred us to an electrical systems specialist.  Hopefully we'll get there tomorrow.  It might just need a new switch.  I hope it's not an expensive fix, because I just paid car insurance for six months, and that wasn't cheap.

I went to the grocery store.  I also went to Staples for a bit, to see what e-readers they had out.  They had the Nook Touch and a couple more Nooks of the color sort-of tablet kind, and a Kindle HD, whatever that is.  I thought the Nook that lights up was coming out soon or had come out.  I'm sure Staples will carry it.  I'll look in Best Buy to see if they have it.

Octobercountry posted that JMS Books was having a sale and had been offering a free book a day since November 25th.  I bookmarked the site and got a few books.  I'd gotten a few books from Rainbow eBooks Totally Tuesday sale earlier in the day, too.  I read a free short story by J.L. Merrow published by JMS Books.  It wasn't the free book of the day.  I got and read the fourth story in the Colin and Martin series.

Later: Octobercountry posted on the "Gay Books -- What We're Reading" forum about Heidi Cullinan's Miles and the Magic Flute.  I said that TallCR and I had been talking about how much we liked Dance with Me.  I liked Special Delivery, too.  I re-read Miles and the Magic Flute.
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