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TV watching - "Thanksgiving" episode

One of RM's (Racheline Maltese) reactions to part of the episode was "that was the gayest thing I have ever seen."  Glee has had some intensely queer episodes, but I think it topped itself.  That takes some doing.  It's been called "the gayest show on television."  There was Kurt, drag queens, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Unique (oh, and Sebastian), hitting all the letters in GLBT, some of them several times.  There were at least seven queer characters in the episode, and probably more.

Kurt and Blaine finally talked.  I was really happy.  Kurt said that Blaine was still his best friend.  They said "I love you"s.

I was glad Unique was back, and "in all her glory."

There were straight characters in the episode, too.  I was glad to see Puck again.  He and Jake look so much alike, especially in their facial features.  I'm really getting to like Jake.  He and Ryder are both pretty decent people, at least so far.  Jake got to show off his dancing skills.  He's really becoming a vital part of New Directions.

I hadn't missed Quinn all that much.  She lied about who the father of her baby was, and did various awful things, including the ways she went about trying to get Beth back.  I know there are many people who are Quinn fans, but I never found her sympathetic.

From what RM says, she's been heavily involved in gay culture.  I celebrated my twenty-first birthday in a gay bar, with my friends.  Around that time, I was going to gay bars at least once a fortnight.  I had been going to the underage nights at that bar before that.  Among my friends, I was the one with the car, so we'd drive to the gay bars in Philadelphia and sometimes the ones in and around Norristown, and every so often ones in Wilmington, Delaware.  We went to the 1993 GLBT March on Washington.  I've been to several Philadelphia Pride marches, and once to the New York City one.  I've seen a few amateur drag shows.  I was in the GLB association in college (the T was added later).  That's where I met the guys I was roommates with for some months.  I volunteered there with the organization again for a couple years in my thirties.  I'd say the Glee performance of "Let's Have a Kiki" was up there among the gayest things I've ever seen.  I think I've seen my share.
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