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As I've talked about in various places, Glee seems to be doing a lot about race so far this year.  It's most overt with the Black kids and the white kids both mocking Jake.  From my understanding (which is kind of sketchy), what the white kids are saying is racist.  What the Black kids are saying isn't because it doesn't have the whole system of racism behind it.  I said elsewhere that in a different world from Glee, and if Jake thought about it differently, he might easily enough be accepted as Black.  I mentioned Walter White, who was African-American and was the leader of the N.A.A.C.P. for a number of years.  (  He was blond-haired and blue-eyed, and deliberately passed when he went down South to investigate lynchings.  He risked his life doing that.

I had hoped that a story about a multiracial character would be about Blaine.  They could have played a xenophobia storyline with another couple of characters.  If I am getting it right, the actor who plays Joe is half-Mexican.  Blake Jenner, the actor who plays Ryder, said he was "the whitest half-Cuban" you would see, or something along those lines.  "Whitest half-Cuban" was in there.  Perhaps at some point we'll meet Ryder's parents, and Joe's parents.  They should have another Parents' Night.  Now I seriously want a Parents' Night story.

Hunter, the new captain of the Warblers, called New Directions a "diversity club."  Brittany arguably has an intellectual or developmental disability.  (I don't think "fluid teen sexuality" is all that rare, but there's that, too.)  I have yet to forgive Sugar for saying she had self-diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome when she clearly didn't.  Sam and Ryder are dyslexic.  So at least Ryder and Sam, and probably Brittany, have invisible disabilities.  Finn told Artie, "Being gay isn't a handicap."  Blaine has definitely felt alienated for being gay at least now and then, and perhaps nearly constantly.  Artie chose him as "the new Rachel," Artie's frontman.  Finn will probably expect Ryder to be the leader of New Directions.  Hopefully Artie will continue his behind-the-scenes leadership.  It's already clear that Ryder's a lot nicer than Finn.  For that matter, Jake's a lot nicer than Puck was.

Rachel's parentage was played as a joke in the first episode, when she had a picture of her fathers in her locker and said that they mixed their sperm, so she didn't know which one was her biological father.  Perhaps that's why she insisted on being in the Black Student Union picture in the yearbook.  It became clear later on that Rachel would say racist things, though.  She wanted to start a gay and lesbian student alliance with Kurt, and Kurt walked away.  Rachel used the oppression of her parents for her own benefit.  Marley's not using the oppression of her mother like that, but Mrs. Rose is certainly getting prejudice thrown her way.  It's a way Marley parallels with Rachel.

Unique said she could be the love child of Kurt and Mercedes.  She's already gotten all kinds of transmisogyny from Sue and Kitty and other bullies.  That's her story.  Tina's getting fed up with being in the background.  Tina has felt very alienated over the years.  Really, the only current member of New Directions who doesn't seem to have felt alienated at one time or another is Kitty.  Brittany never lost her popularity.  Brittany gets very angry when people call her "stupid" or "an idiot," though.  She's well aware that's what she's known for.  If Kitty ever gets slushied, it will be a sign that she's at least briefly lost her popularity.  It might mark her becoming a real member of New Directions, if there's a way to redeem her after the way she's acted so far.

Marley and Unique have gotten slushied.  It has yet to happen to Ryder or Jake, but it will probably happen.  Blaine's likely still traumatized from his experience.  Blaine's probably still traumatized from a number of things.  It hasn't stopped him from performing.  That's how he gets approval.  Unique and Jake are another two people who seem like they'll keep on performing.

Sometimes I wonder if I should make tags for race and disability.  Thoughts?
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