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busy weekend

Saturday: Went to the wedding of one of my brother J.'s friends.  I knew the bride, groom, matron of honor and best man from when J. was going to Temple, and then after that, when he was living in Lansdale and we'd all visit him.  J.s' sometimes-girlfriend, or not-girlfriend, or whatever she is, didn't want to go without a specific invitation to her -- an etiquette thing.  J. had just told me she didn't want to go with him.  He explained in the car on the way to the wedding that the invitation had just been to him, but the reply card said to say how many were coming.  He said he'd told them I was coming with him, and indeed, there was a placecard for J. "and guest."  I wish he'd explain these things better ahead of time.  But it was a lovely ceremony, and a very nice reception, and I was happy to see the people.  When he dropped me back off at home, I stayed up until four a.m. doing proofreading.  Each story deserved for me to spend the proper amount of time on it -- I'd already read through them at least once, but I catch more each time I read through a story.

Today: National Coming Out Day, and lots of events going on for that.  It really wasn't logistically practical for me to try to get to the March on Washington for GLBT rights.  I did make it to OutFest around mid-afternoon.  Some publishers had booths in front of Giovanni's Room, and I brought books with me in hopes of getting them signed.  No such luck, but I did pick up some good things.  I looked at the tables outside, then shopped around a little inside.  I got The Passing Game: Queering Jewish American Culture.  I'm sure H. will be very interested in that.

Ally Blue had been very excited when I mentioned that I'd seen her books at Giovanni's Room.  That mention was in the comments of a post on The Naughty Bits (  I didn't think any of the authors would see the comment.  I decided to take pictures for her next time I was there, so I got pictures of The Happy Onion, Closer, Easy, and Hearts from the AshesHearts from the Ashes has her story "Eros Rising," which I liked quite a bit.

I went back outside.  The MLR table only had those books which were actually in stock at Giovanni's Room at the time.  There were far more books available at PrideFest in June, but I suppose they'd brought their own stock then.  They had a postcard for The Golden Age of Gay Fiction, which I very much want to read, but they didn't have it available.  They suggested that I could order it from Giovanni's Room.  I did pick up Phoenix Rising and The Good Thief, both of which I'd seen last time I was at Giovanni's Room and didn't have much money.  This time I had money with me.  They had Hard Fall and Cheating Chance there, too; three books in Victor Banis' "Deadly" series; and several of Josh Lanyon's books, including the first three in the Adrien English series.  There was a table for used books, too, so I took a look there.  They had some interesting things there.  Temple University had a table, but I didn't really browse there.  I wasn't primarily shopping for academic books.

I started walking back, and saw more of the main part of the fair down the street, so I looked around for a bit.  I'd pretty much gotten all I'd wanted to get on the trip.  I stopped to look at necklaces, and thought about getting a set of freedom rings, but I decided to just head back to the train station.  I'd missed the previous train back to [localish town]  by ten minutes, and the trains only run to there once an hour on Sundays.  So I settled down to read The Good Thief, and read it for much of the train ride home, too.
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