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It's been quiet so far.  I fell asleep around 2-something a.m., I think, and woke at noon.  That was longer than I wanted to sleep.

I walked around outside.  More quinces have fallen from the quince tree.  The leaves of it are changing color, and they're very pretty shades.  I looked at 'Duchesse de Brabant.'  It has three buds, including the central one that I've been posting about.  That one has the sepals completely down.  'Duchesse de Brabant' also has new leaves.  It's the furthest thing from being dormant, which would be great if we lived in a warm climate.  As we have frosts, it's not a good thing.

All of the leaves on the rugosa rose are yellow, in a changing with the seasons way.  At least that rose is going dormant.  I wish I knew what to do with the Tea roses.  Pruning them would just encourage growth.  'Duchesse de Brabant' got through last year's winter, which was mild.  Hopefully it will get through this one.  Last year the Tea roses went dormant for what I think was a total of two days, in January or February. 
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