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TV watching - "Glease"

I begrudged the time spent on the new kids (except for Unique -- I cared about Unique's story) and on Finn and Rachel.  I was waiting for Kurt and Blaine to talk, which they did a little bit in the last few minutes of the episode.  I guess if they'd talked more it would have been along the same lines.  Kurt said he couldn't trust Blaine anymore, which I expected he'd say.  The timeline seemed to be that it had been a month since the last episode.  I think so, anyway.

Unique was pulled out of playing Rizzo.  Her parents seemed concerned about her, but called her Wade and used male pronouns.  Unique was forbidden to wear girl clothes at school.  I pictured trans girls crying at that.

Kitty is manipulating Marley into an eating disorder.  It's a serious issue, but I don't think how it's being portrayed is really how it works.  I feel bad that it's not a storyline I particularly was interested in, but I was much more interested in the storylines of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender kids.  I remain amazed at how much representation of GLBT characters the show has.

Ryder likes Marley.  That was another storyline I begrudged the time spent on.  They're creating a love quadrangle with Kitty and Jake.  Out of those new kids, I'm most interested in Jake.  He seems nicer than Puck.

Cassandra slept with Brody after making him her teaching assistant.  Brody is of age, but I feel the same about it as I did with the Puck and Shelby storyline.  It's still a teacher/student relationship.

Santana was back, and she and Brittany talked some.  I was interested in that.  I'm sure that will get much interest from AfterEllen members.

I tried to picture Biyuti's reaction to the episode, which I'm sure I'll read about soon.  Blaine was their favorite character, but now it's Unique.  They said that before the cheating storyline.  Biyuti still likes Blaine a lot.  Biyuti identifies themself as Tagalog and bakla.  They're closely following Unique's story, the story of a trans feminine person of color.  If I'm getting it right, their word for a trans or genderqueer person of color is "genderescent."  Unique is genderescent.

The characters I most wanted to see were Kurt, Blaine and Unique.  At least there was a good scene with Unique, and we've met her parents now.  Perhaps I'll learn to like the other new kids more.
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