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Tuesday so far

I think I fell asleep at 2-something, and woke at 11-something.  Last night there was some interesting Tumblr stuff.  Weeds wondered why someone was now following her.  I explained why I was.  She seemed amused by a line in my explanation.  I think it was better with the whole context.  I started following her because of what a great writer she is, and how much I got out of some of her posts.

Tomorrow I start my first nutrition class.  I need to write down on the actual official sheets what I've been eating for the past several weeks.  Right now it's day-by-day on pieces of scrap paper.  I also need to estimate the number of carbohydrates I had at each meal and snack.  Mostly I've been eating carbohydrates, with a little protein and the very occasional green vegetable.

Soon I'll be leaving for the F to eMbody workshop.  I'll post on what I thought.

Later: Parking at [university] was worse than ever.  I didn't think that was possible.  Next time I'll leave more time.  I got to the workshop a few minutes late, but people there scooted over so I could take a place in the circle.  It was essentially a Transgender 101 lesson.  There were a good number of students there.  I was familiar with the concepts and etiquette.  I was tempted to ask, "What about bakla Filipin@s?"  They did mention third-gender and Two-Spirit as being ways that some people were genderqueer.

I didn't stay for the concert.  I did introduce myself to A.S., the new facilitator for the GLBT organization at [university].  I said that I was an alum, and had volunteered for the GLBT organization in recent years, and that I'd like to get back to it.  I gave her my contact information, and she said she'd get in touch with me.  I asked if she'd met S.  She said she hadn't met him face to face, but that they'd corresponded a good bit.

As happens at least every couple of weeks in the small section of Glee fandom that I read, people are asking if Blaine will be established as mixed race.  This was on GleekTO's Tumblr this time.  Apparently you can't put links in an ask, and I couldn't even figure out how to reblog a post with an ask.  Other people had made notes, and I couldn't do that either.  I recommended Biyuti's post "Real Talk on Blaine's Race" ( in an ask to GleekTO.  I spelled out "dot" so the ask would take.  I figure that Biyuti knows what they're talking about.

Added a couple of days later:  And once again I give Binaohan credit for knowing what the hell they're talking about:  This is why I'm linking to someone who knows what they're talking about.
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