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more rambling about TV

I did another Tumblr post, this one about "The Role You Were Born To Play."  I said I had read more than my fair share of Harlequin (Mills & Boon) romances, and that Blaine reminded me of a romance heroine.  So Thinky says that he sometimes has a feminine style of communication, and his major scene in that episode struck me as a pretty good argument for that.  Kurt and Blaine's relationship reminded me of a genre romance, while the other relationships on Glee reminded me of soap opera romances.  However, with a serial, things have to change for the characters as the story continues.

I said I expected Blaine to be having more hookups.  Apparently I've been hanging around with real life guys too much.  It's still a romance, even if the characters are broken up.  Genre romances rarely have cheating, but Kurt and Blaine's relationship is still a genre romance, going by how Blaine is acting.

I also talked more about Unique.  Elsewhere I said that I pictured myself not having had serious conversations with trans* and genderqueer people, and not reading all the books I've read, and coming into the episode cold that way.  I would not have gotten all the slurs, and why they were slurs.  I wouldn't have gotten it about using the wrong pronouns either.  Readers, if I do that with you, feel free to give me a virtual smack, by the way.  Unique seems to be pretty established as being a trans girl.

I'm still surprised by how decent Finn was.  He learned some lessons at Kurt's expense.  I'm still mad about him outing Santana and how he behaved afterwards.  She was terrified to come out after seeing how Kurt had been treated.  However, it seemed like some of the lessons he'd learned from Kurt had taken.  Finn was a lot better with Unique than he was with Kurt.

Canuck Jacq said that often enough people who are gay-friendly are not friendly to trans* folks.  It was a good reminder to me.  I still see it to some extent as Sue going back to being a villain.  Unique is being presented sympathetically, but the knowledge base is not necessarily there.  I'm waiting to see if the other characters get some education.
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