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Saturday so far

It feels like there's been much more of the day so far than there usually is for me at this hour.  I conked out at 1:00 a.m. last night, super early.  I was tired from the driving and going out for an event.  I'm still very glad I went to the play, though.  Driving at night is nerve-wracking because of all the deer in this part of southeastern Pennsylvania.  Well, I suppose they're all over Pennsylvania.  If they were plants, they'd be classified as noxious weeds.  It's mating season, too, so they're especially active.  As far as I understand, hunters are only allowed to kill bucks.  It would make much more sense to me if they could kill does, because one buck can have a harem (or whatever it's called) of several does.  We didn't see any live deer on the drive home, just a dead one by the side of the road right near the university where Mom works.  Mom didn't think it had been there the previous day.

I woke at 9:00 a.m. this morning, also super early for me.  That's why it's been such a comparatively long day so far.

I've been writing on my Tumblr, but mostly just summaries of what I've written here.  I kind of want to put some pictures of BDSM devices up so I can say what romances I've read about them in.  It could be James' books, or Syd's, or Sean Michael's, to name just a few.  (Or Joey W. Hill's, for that matter.)  I want it to be a Tumblr that I recommend books on, and since the first I mentioned was one of Syd's, to go along with the picture that reminded me of it, it seems like it could be a way to go.  We'll see.

I bundled up to go outside, but it wasn't that cold out.  I'd hoped the roses would be sensibly dormant by this point, but not so.  'General Jacqueminot' has a fair number of new leaves.  'Duchesse de Brabant' has new leaves.  I'm not sure if it's the same bud I saw a week ago, but it has a bud showing color, and with some of the sepals lowered.  It will probably get frost-nipped before it blooms, though.  The roses on the west side of the house are more sheltered than those near the north side of the house.  The rugosa rose's leaves are turning yellow.  It does that, like the trees.  I don't have any other roses with leaves that change color in the fall.  At least that one's going dormant at a reasonable time.

I put pictures of a number of my roses in bloom up on my Tumblr.  I tagged them as "in the back yard."  I put up a few pictures I'd taken at Longwood Gardens, too, with the tag "not in my back yard but I wish it were."  I still need to put up pictures of the bird of paradise flower.  I put up a couple of clivia pictures.  I actually do have a clivia, but it hasn't bloomed for me yet.

I looked at the winterberry, and most of its berries are gone.  Presumably they were eaten.  It had stems surrounded by long rows of berries.  Now there's just a berry or two here and there.  That will lose its leaves soon enough.  It's a deciduous holly.

I'll probably do more Glee meta posts on my Tumblr, interspersed with flower pictures, and maybe romance recommendations.  Somehow several of the Glee bloggers I've been following are also into kink, so I see a lot of posts about that.  I'm used to reading books with it.  I remember the joke from Verbotene Liebe fandom, too, that Olli would look a lot better with the scarves around his wrists rather than around his neck.  We'll see what my Tumblr turns into.  It's kind of a continuation of this journal so far, but with pictures.

Later: I wrote more.  I saw a note that what I'd called transphobia was actually transmisogyny.  I am interacting with experts, and I'm trying to be careful.  I'll see how that goes.  Two people that I'd told I had a Tumblr now had started following me, and now two random people have.  Both have English Tumblr names, but one is from Germany and has nothing on their page at all, and the other's page seems to be in Portuguese.  I wish I understood more about how the medium works, but there's an option to block people from following you.  I expect I'll use it.  I may well have it used on me, depending on what I post.  I think I'll go back to flower pictures.

Later still: K. called, and we chatted for a while.  She said that her visit to her sister and the kids had gone pretty well.

Later than that: People are reblogging the flower pictures I put up.  The "blue poppy and sweet broom" picture seems to be particularly popular.  "Blue poppies" are not actual poppies.  I think they're meconopsis.  They're not papavers.  I'm pleased people like the pictures.      
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