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TV watching - The Role You Were Born To Play

It was the long-awaited episode "The Role You Were Born To Play."  Blaine's part was sappy.  At least he seems genuinely regretful.  He could have had any part in the school play that he wanted.  The only new kid I was really interested in was Unique.  Finn was a mix of his usual and actually being decent about standing up for Unique.  He used the r-word, though.  He realized it was wrong right away.  Sue was very transphobic [Edited: I was corrected that this should be "transmisogynistic."], and most of the other students were clueless.  I suppose they would be.  Sue said she'd had gay students, "male and female" on the Cheerios, which is true, and talked about how she'd defended Kurt.  That made it all the more puzzling why she was so vicious to and about Unique.  Sue has gone from villain to relatively good guy to villain again several times now.  It doesn't make all that much sense.

I missed Kurt.  Apparently he's back in the next episode.

I had missed Mercedes.  As I saw someone point out, she finally got to say that she didn't get the part of Maria because she was black, which seemed to be true in canon.  Jake was called "half-black"  by Kitty. It looks like they'll be doing a fair amount about race this season.

I liked Marley and Unique bonding.  At least Unique is making some friends.  Finn was remarkably understanding.  Finn learned his lessons at considerable expense to Kurt, but apparently he learned.

I wasn't too interested in the Will and Emma parts.  I thought Ryder's introduction was awkward.  They already have a character with dyslexia: Sam.  He said it once, and it was never brought up again.  Of course Finn would recruit someone like himself, although Ryder seems to be kinder.  I still have the memory of Blake Jenner's poem in my head.  He said something about being the "whitest half-Cuban" you'd ever see, or words along those lines.  "Whitest half-Cuban" was in there, though.

I'm still not clear on why Sue was so transphobic.  She didn't seem to have a reason to be.  At least Unique was presented sympathetically.  I was picturing some of what Sue said as being triggering to some viewers.  Sue said that Unique was "gender-confused."  Unique doesn't seem to be at all confused.

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