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Wednesday so far

I made it to an appointment.  It was just starting to drizzle as I drove there.  As I drove home, it was rain verging on snow.  It looks like the lantana has had it, but it looked nice and had lots of bloom all summer and well into fall.  Dad brought the jasmines in a while ago.  We'll see how they do over the winter.  There's not that much light where they are, but hopefully I'll remember to water them, and that always helps.

I started a Tumblr account.  There are certain people who have Tumblr accounts that are all about Glee, and some of them I don't have other ways to contact.  It got to where I made the account in large part to be able to correspond with them.  GleekTO was one.  She's an AfterElton member and has an LJ, but apparently she rarely uses either.  Her Tumblr is very active, though.

Another reason I made the account was to use the name Neyronrose.  I think there are only a couple of people who read my LJ, but there are other journals and social media I wanted to have that name on, too.  At this point I think I use "neyronrose" in more places than I use my given name, but that's fine.

S.M. e-mailed me this morning, and I called her.  She's thinking of postponing garden club again if it's snowing tomorrow morning.  I have another appointment in the afternoon, so I told her I wouldn't have been able to make it anyway.  I haven't made it to a garden club meeting yet this year.  I'm still kind of mad at myself for missing the trip to Winterthur in October.  That's something of a drive, but there's a lot to see there.  I've been there a couple of times, usually when it's cold out.

Later: I put a number of pictures of Old Garden Roses up on my Tumblr.  I still feel ambivalent about officially being a Tumblr fangirl.  In addition to the Tumblrs that are mostly about the show, I'm following a couple that are social justice Tumblrs.  I'm very dubious that I'll talk about social justice myself.  This started out as a gardening journal and became somewhere that I talked about books and TV shows.  I think the majority of my commentary about gay rights spins off from the fictional media I'm consuming.  Fiction isn't the basis of my beliefs, but I often approach the topic through commenting on what I'm reading or watching.
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