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rambling about TV again

So much is said about the actors on Glee, and I take what the actors themselves say at face value.

They say that the cast members are friends.  I believe it.  I take at face value what they say about their sexual orientations, whether they say they're gay or lesbian or straight.   From my perspective, someone who works on the show gets at the very least the appearance of being gay-friendly, and it seems clear that many of the cast members are actively allies for gay rights causes.

It's very obvious that racists and homophobes loathe the show.  For me, that's two more reasons to like the show.  I don't see the reasons that people aside from that would be haters, but apparently some are.  From everything I hear, the actors are hard-working.  They're doing their jobs.  Why be haters?  It's very easy to just change the channel.  Most TV viewers don't even need to get up to do it.  Then they can hate on something else.

People get so mad about the show, and I just think, "It's fiction."  Most of the characters are awful at least on occasion, and they're all unreliable narrators at least every so often.  Some are usually unreliable narrators.  Completely unrealistic things happen on a regular basis.  If I'd read more philosophy, I'd be able to elaborate on the concepts of truth and Truth, but I think sometimes the show has the capital T version.

And this is why I use the tag "rambling."
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